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I am the author of several freeware programs. Among them are:
DR DOS Shell
DR DOS Shell for Windows
Minesweeper Deluxe
FrontPage Plus

I also design Web sites for non-profit organazations. Here are a few I've done:
Monarch Episcopal Cursillo
Lawrence University Rowing Club

If you have a non-profit organazation that would like free Web site design, please e-mail me. I also do free custom programming for non-profit organazations, and for individuals. In fact, I'll do almost anything computer-related for free!

Make Money Surfing the Web

I was skeptical at first about these programs, but they really work. They put an ad on your screen while you surf the Web, and pay you between $0.40 and $0.60 per hour. If you're on the Internet as much as I am, you can really rake in money! Here are a few of the better programs:
GoTo World
Desktop Horizon
Dot Ad

DR DOS Shell

The DR DOS Shell is a file, task, and program manager designed for use with Caldera's DR DOS operating system. The DR DOS Shell includes support for:

There are several file management programs for DOS out there, but this is the only one designed exclusively for DR DOS. However, it will work with any version of DOS, and provides Win95 LFN support when run under Windows 95.
The DR DOS Shell is still in development. The current beta release is available for download here. (ZIP format, 200K)
If you are unfamiliar with DR DOS, here is a little background info: DR DOS is an MS-DOS compatible operating system that is available for download on the Web by Caldera Thin Clients. It includes several features that MS-DOS lacks, such as long filename support and a task manager.

System Requirements:


DR DOS Shell for Windows

The DR DOS Shell for Windows is a cross between the DR DOS Shell for DOS (see above) and the Microsoft Windows File Manager. It is designed for computers using Windows 3.1 on top of Caldera DR DOS. It is still in development, but will be available soon. The DR DOS Shell for Windows is not compatible with Windows 3.0 or earlier.

System Requirements:


Minesweeper Deluxe

Minesweeper Deluxe is an enhanced version of Microsoft Minesweeper, the addictive game included with Microsoft Windows. Minesweeper Deluxe looks and feels a lot like Microsoft Minesweeper, but adds several new features.

Minesweeper Deluxe is still in the development stage, but is currently very stable and quite fun. It is available for download here. (self-extracting EXE, 2300K)

System Requirements:


FrontPage Plus

FrontPage Plus is an add-on product for Microsoft FrontPage. It adds several features FrontPage lacks, such as:

If you are using FrontPage and want to make your Web site come alive, try using FrontPage Plus. FrontPage Plus is still in development, but will be available for download soon.

System Requirements:


All products listed on this page are freeware. No software downloaded from this site may be redistributed or reposted anywhere without the permission of Chris Wilson.

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